Our Services Level 3 Home Sleep Apnea Test

What is a Level 3 Home Sleep Apnea Test?

A home sleep apnea test provides a medical provider with information to diagnose sleep apnea. It allows you to sleep at home wearing equipment that collects information about how you breathe during sleep. You can usually set up the testing equipment yourself.

There are a variety of level 3 devices. All these devices measure your breathing and blood oxygen level. Some may measure your heart rate or other information about your body as well.

A medical provider may recommend a home sleep apnea test if they suspect that you may have moderate to severe sleep apnea.

You should not have a home sleep apnea test if you have medical conditions that put you at risk, such as pulmonary or neuromuscular diseases or cognitive heart failure, or if it is physically difficult for you to administer the test at home.

How it Works

Have your GP send a referral form to Tranq Sleep Care

The patient will be contacted and an appointment is set up

The patient receives the device and uses it for one night

The study is received, scored, and interpreted by a specialist

The report is sent back to the GP